Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor gives awesome advice on data and AI/ML strategy to global companies, private equity portcos and random strangers at AUSUM Advisors, and as a volunteer at Dallas AI, a 501c3 North Texas meetup dedicated to educating on AI.

Brad has been an intrapreneur and entrepreneur in data, AI, and IoT and has led teams in the creation of NLP, data products and predictive analytics for retention, churn, driver safety, traffic, CX and fleet risk. He is a former founding partner at Tech Wildcatters, and worked with dozens of mobile, SaaS and AI start-ups, many of which became both job creators and profitable exits for TW investors. Most amazingly, he lives in Cowtown, aka Fort Worth, so you are sure to see him on the Metroplex Freeways on the way to a MeetUp. Say Hello!