Be the Change You Want to See in the Open Source World

Open Source Software (OSS) has become ubiquitous in devops, creating opportunities for individuals and companies to make a direct impact in the software they use. By contributing to OSS, you make your voice heard instead of hoping someone else speaks up. As you contribute you build up a collection of contributions and interactions that you’ll get to carry forward with you in your career, enhancing your employability.

But contributing to Open Source software might feel scary; you might not know anyone, its all public, what if no one likes your idea, what if you’re wrong on the internet. Maybe you’re excited to contribute but don’t know which project to contribute to. Maybe you can’t find time to do it at work. These are all valid, but surmountable, challenges.

In this talk I’ll discuss how to overcome these challenges based on my personal journey getting involved in Open Source Software.



Tyler Helmuth

Tyler is a software engineer with a passion for observability and helping users start their observability journey. He is an active contributor to OpenTelemetry, where he strives to make observability easy for all to achieve.