Building to Learn: Why I built a home automation app and so should you!

Elevator Pitch

We often hear that the best way to learn is by doing, but no one tells you what to build or where to start. Let me share some of the techniques I learned from building my own home automation app along with some of my failures and successes. Showcasing how using a Product Mindset and building small can help you stay focused.


Software is a fast paced, rapidly evolving industry, and yet most of our career is spent hyper focused on a small domain in a static technology stack. That means personal and professional growth falls squarely on our own shoulders. This talk will focus in on how building websites, applications, libraries, etc with new and diverse tool sets generates the greatest personal growth. Let me share some of the techniques I learned, and how employing a Product Mindset can help you focus on what matters. Join me on a journey to build something from nothing along with all the pitfalls and possibilities.



Jonathon Graf

Jon Graf helps people solve problems! Over the last eight years as a Software Consultant he has focused on helping organizations get unstuck. Whether the problem is transitioning your organization to ...