InnerSource at scale: Let's innovate together!

Philips has transformed to become a focused health technology leader. From connected, smart oral care to informatics, precision diagnostics, and image-guided therapy solutions.

Typical of a multinational company of its size, portfolio complexity, global reach, and technology focus, Philips wanted to innovate its development strategy, which had spread the company’s code across a multitude of repositories and servers and made code discovery and reuse a significant challenge. Philips is creating a modern collaboration ecosystem and following InnerSource ways of working as default.

In this talk, we’ll share our journey including:

  • why and how Philips approaches InnerSource and the software development tooling ecosystem to improve developer experience and satisfaction.
  • tips to achieve a developer centric experience, build internal communities and achieve collaboration while ensuring compliance on a regulated environment.

Of course not everything went well, and definitely not the first time, we will also share our lessons learnt as well as our current status and future plans.



David Terol

Engineering and Software Director with 20+ years of international experience working on Communication, Semiconductor and Healthcare global leaders like Ericsson, Marvell Technology and Royal Philips.