Compliance in the Driver’s Seat: Is Your Cloud Car Stuck in the Carpark?

In this talk, we will discuss the increasing importance of compliance, particularly in financial institutions, and the role of automation in this regard. We are going to have a look at the pain points of moving to the cloud if your company has a highly regulated environment, and I am going to be sharing some of our nerve-wracking security design experiences from our customer transformation journeys.

We will then discuss the ways of adopting a compliance-centric methodology, have a look at the frameworks and and tools and the questions we have to keep in mind moving along. Then, I will unveil our latest passion project: an open-source solution designed to significantly enhance controls and audits.



Sevi Karakulak

Engineering Lead at Container Solutions, passionate about finding ways to help companies transform their tech and processes. Also the host of Software Circus Meetups in Amsterdam.