Navigating Unconscious Bias in Open Source Communities

Open-source communities are built on collaboration and inclusion, but unconscious bias can create obstacles for marginalised groups trying to contribute to these communities. Unconscious biases are automatic mental processes that influence our attitudes and actions towards others, often without our awareness. Everyone has unconscious biases; the goal is to bring them to our consciousness and navigate them to provide a more inclusive and empathetic work environment.

In this talk, we will explore what unconscious bias is, how to recognize it, and the different types of biases to look out for. We will also discuss practical ways to reduce or avoid the impact of bias in the open-source community, including the SPACE2 Model of Inclusion. Finally, we will provide strategies for managing unconscious bias in practice. This talk is aimed to learn how to navigate unconscious bias in open-source communities and create a more inclusive environment.



Aakansha Priya

Aakansha is a DevRel and Developer at WeMakeDevs. Have previously worked with Hashnode as a Community Manager. Working on empowering & upscaling the communities. Experienced in developing projects ...