A song of Decentralization and Observability: Dance with open telemetry


With the latest release in the statistics on the CNCF projects, it is pretty obvious that Opentelemetry is the recent trend in the developer community. It involves following standards about how to enable a single pane of glass to allow for tracing in the world of decentralized architectures, There will always be a challenge to this pattern while developing extensive enterprise cloud infrastructure for multi-layered accounts and development teams.

Along with AWS CDK(the new way of IaaC development), there can be a modular way of approaching this use case for producing a juxtaposed solution alongside the microservice application boilerplate.

This Session will be focused on the open telemetry features in the Cloud realm and how AWS helps us to enable this inside the production workloads.



Aritra Nag

Innovation-driven professional with an experience of over 13 years in the Cloud Native development ecosystem. Currently working as a Senior Cloud Architect and Tech Blogger in Playground Tech. ...