Lessons Learned From Maintaining A CNCF Project Thanos For Over 4 Years

Maintaining any kind of open-source software project is no easy feat if many different people use it. In this talk, I will present exciting technical and non-technical things I have learned from maintaining a project that has more than 10 thousand stars and is widely used by many companies.

Thanos is a CNCF project that many companies widely use as per https://thanos.io. Maintaining is no easy task - there are many use cases that need to be balanced, the community needs to be built and thriving, and collaboration is a must since the project is widely dependent on the monitoring system Prometheus (https://prometheus.io) and is used as a base by others such as Cortex. Please join me in my presentation and learn about the mistakes made along the way, what we have learned from them, and what you could reuse for your own projects.



Giedrius Statkevičius


Site Reliability Engineer at Vinted

Writing on https://giedrius.blog/. Maintaining Thanos, and contributing to other observability projects such as Prometheus and Grafana.