Mey Beisaron

Infrastructure Engineer @ Forter

Mey is a Software, Backend and Infrastructure Engineer. Although Mey develops daily in NodeJS, Python and Groovy, Clojure will forever be her favorite programming language. She has a lot of experience with Functional Programming concepts, Algorithms, and Game Development. Mey shares her technical knowledge regularly, via lots of tech conferences, meetups, and workshops around the globe.

Helping people is a big part of her life, and she expresses it by leading the tech speaking program in “Baot”, the largest Israeli community of women in engineering and data science, and also by consulting - both for tech conferences and 1:1 sessions - empowering people to improve their technical presentations.

Mey is also a sworn Star Wars fan, and all of her slide decks are a testament to that. Mey the force be with you.

Mey Beisaron at Zurich (Winterthur) 2023