Innovation Incubator - Our DevOps Training Blueprint

Join me at DevOpsDays for a chat on how we prepare trainees for roles in tech in our organisation in a fun and engaging way. I’ll share how we structure our three year traineeship program, taking our new colleagues from total beginners to competent professionals!

Whether you’re someone who is training, or getting trained - let’s think about shaping the next wave of DevOps leaders. We’ll explore training plans, learning tips, and teamwork strategies together. Don’t miss how we help trainees step smoothly into their future roles as developers and system administrators.

Join me for a brief, laid-back discussion on building a future where our trainees shine in their tech careers.



Feu Mourek

Feu has been working in tech for 7 years, as a front end developer, web designer, accessibility consultant and now as a Development Advocate taking care of community and customer relations at Icinga. ...