Adding Soul to the System: Our Strive for DevOps Significance

DevOps has become the de facto standard for teamwork in IT. Yet, it mainly concerns IT, and many teams keep struggling to bridge the gap with Business.

As a next step in our journey to involve Business better in DevOps dynamics, we share our near-3-year adventure with the Dutch railways (NS).

We show how we reshaped our engagement, cracked our commercial model, and improved the customer relationship along the way. We have found our approach puts engineering effects at the heart of business, proves to be a booster for team morale, and allows for more candid customer conversations.

In addition to the successes, we share our pitfalls and the lessons we learned along the way, and hope to inspire you to try our approach yourself!



Henk van der Schuur


Henk is an IT executive who drives end-to-end strategic change at the intersection of technology, business, and people. He has a strong reputation for getting things done, with a keen eye for detail,


Hugo Trippaers


The power of open source communities lies in the willingness to share knowledge: when people with different backgrounds work together, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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