A Case Against Automation

Automation. Everyone seems to want more of it. It’s the A in CALMS, the basic tenets of DevOps. It’s the best way to eliminate all the tedious repetitive tasks that make up so much of our daily operational work. Just automate everything, and all our lives will be better.

In my day job I help teams improve by embracing automation. But lately I’ve been wondering: is this really the silver bullet we’re looking for? Are there any risks or downsides that we’re overlooking? Is there a case to be made for old fashioned, bespoke, manual labor?

Join me for a short journey into the dark side of automation, and see what can go wrong when we start trusting all those computers too much.



Robin Gilijamse


Robin is a Network Architect working with organizations to improve their network operations. This includes not only implementing shiny new and innovative technology, but more importantly also leveling