Platform Engineering at bol.: Unveiling Insights from Adopting a Web Portal

The web portal is an emerging capability within platform engineering. A web portal promises to empower your developers by making it easy to create, manage, and explore your IT landscape.

Bol. has been pioneering in this field since 2021, by implementing Spotify’s Backstage. Throughout this journey we had to tackle numerous technical and organizational challenges.

Join us for an enlightening talk where we share our insights and discoveries. Discover how to tailor your organization to position your web portal as the ultimate hub to support the developer journey. Delve into the technical complexities of harmonizing data, APIs, and contributions from diverse teams into a seamless and uniform developer experience.



Onno Ceelen


As a product leader at bol., Onno is responsible for the product group around Engineering Productivity within the platform engineering department. Together, we are on a mission to make daily lives


Roy Triesscheijn

Tech Lead at bol., see: