The future of AI in the Software Development Lifecycle to Enhance Efficiency and Quality

In this talk, we will explore the potential of AI in revolutionizing the traditional Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

The current workflow involves a cycle of development, testing, deployment, execution and issue resolution.

In the future this will evolve more towards a process where more and more of these steps get augmented by AI. The AI will help in writing code and tests. When you apply this to the next steps AI will interpret logs and metrics, propose code fixes.

Some of these steps are already there while others will most likely be developed in the future.

By taking on more responsibilities in the SDLC, AI empowers developers to create higher-quality applications at a faster pace. It makes best practices that were previously time consuming to fully integrate, such as secure software supply chain practices, full test coverage, complete dashboards and alerting, SLOs and SLIs, etc. more accessible.

We will discuss the current capabilities of AI in the SDLC, the near-term advancements we can expect, and the possibilities for the future.



Rania Mohamed

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Fahd Ekadioin

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Christiaan Hees


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