Modernizing consumer devices with Google Cloud - Deep Dive into MosquitoMax's story

Discover MosquitoMax’s transformation, where the speaker will showcase how MosquitoMax transformed an outdated device controller into a cutting-edge smart system using Google Cloud, raspberry pi and affordable help through fiverr and upwork. This session will have strong visual demos and will be interesting to manufacturing, consumer electronics, consulting, hobbyists, and anyone looking to modernize decades-old technology. The speaker will show the entire process of developing the hardware prototype and evolving it to a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB), highlighting each integration point with Google Cloud (Cloud Run, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, etc.) Firebase (Auth, Realtime Database, Firestore) and Flutter ( resulting in a completely new device with a reliable cloud backend and consumer smartphone app.



Daniel Watrous

Daniel Watrous is an Electrical and Software engineer with 28 years experience creating software solutions for premier global technology companies, like Micron, Hewlett Packard, TriNet and Google. His ...