Which Vault? Don't tell me your secret(s)!

Secret management is a crucial aspect of DevOps, as it involves the protection of sensitive data that is used by applications and services. Secrets can include API keys, credentials, tokens, certificates, and passwords that grant access to various resources and systems. If these secrets are compromised, attackers can exploit them to cause damage, steal information, or disrupt operations. One of the challenges of secret management is how to securely store, distribute, and rotate secrets in a dynamic and distributed environment. Traditional methods of hard-coding secrets in configuration files or environment variables are not secure, scalable, or reliable. Moreover, secrets need to be updated frequently to comply with security policies and regulations, and to prevent unauthorized access. To address these challenges, several tools and frameworks have been developed to provide secret management solutions for DevOps. Some of the popular ones are: HashiCorp’s Vault CyberArk Conjur Kubernetes Secrets: These tools can help DevOps teams to implement best practices for secret management.



Michel Schildmeijer

Michel started his career as a medical officer in the Royal Dutch Airforce, with a focus on pharma. Followed by time working in clinical pharmacology. While there, he transitioned to IT by learning ...