Guarding the Digital Realm: Defending Against Software Supply Chain Threats and AI-Induced Deception

Join Sean Casey, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering at Checkmarx, as he delves into the intricate landscape of software supply chain risks, from conventional perils to the emerging menace of AI Package Hallucination. Discover actionable insights drawn from real-world scenarios and a deep dive into over 1 million malicious packages, shedding light on the deceptive practices threatening our digital infrastructure. Sean advocates for proactive defensive measures, fortified tools, and enhanced dependency management to mitigate these evolving risks. Don’t miss this imperative call to arms for developers and cybersecurity professionals to fortify their defenses and confront the challenges of tomorrow head-on.



Sean Casey

Sean Casey is a technical Application Security Testing (AST) leader with a record of consistent accomplishment in sales and solutions engineering management roles. With more than 6 years of ...