Unblocking Your CI/CD With Ephemeral Environments

CI/CD is now considered table stakes for any modern software team. The reality, however, is quite different: DevOps and SRE teams are constantly struggling to keep static testing and staging environments up and running. If teams don’t have a place to test and validate their code how can they possibly release it, let alone continuously?

Ephemeral environments have coalesced as the solution for FAANG and are starting to pick up steam for everyone else. Short-lived, isolated, and disposable environments allow DevOps and SRE teams to stop worrying about broken environments blocking deployments.

Join Natalie as she shares best practices for implementing ephemeral environments and understanding their benefits to unblock your CI/CD. She will cover test before merge, security, cost control, and ideal developer workflows.



Natalie Lunbeck

Natalie has worked with Shipyard since 2021, and joined the team as a full-time engineer in July 2023. She is the primary author behind EphemeralEnvironments.io. Natalie has been an avid programmer ...