Shift Left Fast: A Deployable Python App in 10 Minutes

Can implementing Shift Left strategies be fast? The answer is a resounding YES if they are implemented at the beginning of development projects! In this lightning talk we'll quickly review some basics of what comprises a shift left strategy (DevSecOps), a shorthand explanation of why it's important (fail fast) and how to put it in practice by using an OSS GitHub-based application template. This talk will use the Python Starter Kit from NASA JPL's SLIM project to create a templatized Python 3 application in a short 10 minutes. You'll see a documentation-rich application running various best-practice tests, utilizing GitHub Actions as CI, and publishing itself as a distributable module at PyPi (Python Package Index) in real time. Join us for a rapid foray into the world of templatized Shift Left.



John Engelke

Senior Data Systems Software Dev Specialist Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

With experience writing software and managing teams for leading Web companies (Edmunds,