Larry Maccherone

Dev[Sec]Ops Transformation Architect @ Contrast Security

Larry Maccherone is a thought leader on DevSecOps, Agile, and Analytics.

At Comcast, Larry launched and scaled the DevSecOps Transformation program over five years. In his DevSecOps Transformation role at Contrast, he’s now looking to apply what he learned to guide organizations with a framework for safely empowering development teams to take ownership of the security of their products.

Larry was a founding Director at Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab, researching cybersecurity and software engineering. While there, he co-led the launch of the DHS-funded Build-Security-In initiative. Larry has also served as Principal Investigator for the NSA’s Code Assessment Methodology Project which wrote the book on how to evaluate application security tools, and received the Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Labs Fellow award.

Larry firmly believes in learning by doing so in his spare time, he is the author of a dozen or so open source projects one of which gets a million downloads per month.

Larry Maccherone at Zurich (Winterthur) 2024