Minneapolis 2017 and 2018

by Andy Domeier - 06 July, 2018

As we finish our 4th of July celebrations in Minnesota, many folks are looking at a summer packed full of outdoor activities and of course DevOpsDays Minneapolis! The approach of this year’s conference makes us reflect on last year’s event. As organizers of this event, we continue to be immensely proud of the high-quality content in combination with the great speakers we are able to bring to the stage in this community.

DevopsDays Minneapolis 2017 touched on many topics core to the conversations that come out of our local DevOps Meetups on culture & process as well as the more technical side of things with containers, serverless, and observability. The morning talks did an awesome job of setting up very active and fruitful open spaces! The Minnesota tech community continues to stay on the cutting edge of trends within the tech industry challenging us to continue raising the bar. We look forward to another year of stellar conversations and content relevant to the local community with our 2018 program.

When it comes to 2018, be sure to attend the evening program on Thursday July 12th! 2017’s evening ignites were informative as well as hilarious, while also featuring a wide range of speakers and topics. The evening event continues to garner outstanding reviews in our survey, as rated by those who attend.

We also made some adjustments in 2017 in response to survey feedback that open spaces weren’t as valuable to some who preferred more hands-on technical content. We piloted a new idea in the afternoon for hands-on technical workshops to run in parallel to open spaces, to meet this need. We’re happy to say they were a huge hit and they’ll be back again in 2018, hitting on Kubernetes, Container Security, Observability, and Incident Response.

There’s a lot to look forward to in our 2018 program and we can’t wait to embark on another rewarding year of learning and sharing! Thank you all so much for helping create the amazing technology community we have here in the Twin Cities area; it’s truly something special!

Andy Domeier

devopsdays Minneapolis 2018 organizers: Nate Anderson, Donnie Berkholz, Andy Domeier, Andy Fleener, Debbie Gillespie, Samantha Grumdahl, Bridget Kromhout, Joe Laha, Heather Mickman, Karen Odegaard