devopsdays Edinburgh - Post Event Information

Thank you to everyone who participated in devopsdays Edinburgh 2018. This page is an index of the talk slides and videos that are available.

There is also a playlist on YouTube.


Speaker Talk Name Slide Link Video Link
Adrian Mouat Rust For Microservices slides video
Andy Burgin Intercontinental Jet Set DevOps Superheroes video
bob walker Questions you should ask at your ‘DevOps’ interview slides video
Daniel Parry Stop losing the remote! slides video
Gal Bashan Distributed Tracing in Serverless Systems slides video
Gavin Campbell Start where you sit slides video
Geoff Ballinger The Load Balancer: War Stories with HAProxy slides video
Gerie Owen Test Automation and Beyond: Implementing Continuous Testing Effectively slides video
Giacomo Lozito Stealing fire from the Olympus - a Prometheus journey slides video
Jason Yee DevOps Distilled video
Martin Woodward Seven Habits of Effective DevOps video
Michal Bryxí When we believed the myth of a ‘small project’ slides video
Neil Crawford True North & Technical Debt slides video
Paula Kennedy Keynote: “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen)": Lessons Learned from 18 Years in Tech! slides video
Peter Varhol Making Disaster Routine: Practicing Failures Using Active Monitoring and Chaos Engineering slides video
Rachel Willmer Keynote: DevOps: Why the Startup CEO should care and how to convince them with numbers video
Sabine Wojcieszak The Graveyard of DevOps video
Sasha Rosenbaum When is AI taking over my job? video