Stop losing the remote!

With sustainable growth a huge challenge, many tech companies are exploring the option of remote offices or workers in order to acquire the tech talent they need. Some tech companies are even comprised entirely of remote tech staff.

However, working remotely to the main thrust of operations can prove to be a frustrating experience all round with communication and cooperation ending up severely impaired.

This talk unveils lessons learned from being one of just a dozen folks working nearly 5000 miles away from 2000 centrally based tech staff. Follow along through the highs and lows of remote collaboration and avoid some of the common pitfalls in your organisation. Apply some of the techniques that succeed at distance to the local context and see how they can transform the way you work. Appreciate how some of the fundamentals behind devops have facilitated remote working and so paved the way for companies to be successful on a truly global scale!



Daniel Parry

Living deep in Amazon country (Seattle), Daniel has avoided the tech giant's clutches, instead pursuing a love for travel by working for the world's biggest internet travel company,! ...