The Graveyard of DevOps

Whenever visiting Edinburgh you should definitely go Greyfriar´s Kirkyard and read the stories told on all those old tombstones.

Taking a look at the ““graveyard”” of DevOps where all unsuccessful attempts to adopt this modern apporach are buried, we will discover that all of them have also stories to tell. These are stories about why they failed – stories we all could learn from. We will discover that a lot of stories will be about bad habits and behavior, about ego and the fear of losing power, about good ideas with bad approaches – about us, the humans!

But what does it mean when the planned change fails – for the individuals, the team and the organisation? And: What is the price of a failed change and who is going to pay it? No matter if attempts of doing the DevOps style are killed softly or in a very cruel manner by the team or the management – these deaths are not only senseless and useless but also dangerous!

Let's make the DevOps “killers” visible to be successful with DevOps!



Sabine Wojcieszak

Sabine Wojcieszak is an enthusiastic Agile & DevOps Enabler at getNext IT, a German consultancy. As a coach she helps teams and organisations to improve their teamwork and their communication. She ...