Transforming Insurance for the Digital Age and Beyond

Travelers, has a long history and roots in Hartford. Like many other large, complex and legacy organizations we are faced with the need to digitally transform and DevOps is a key contributor to this transformation. Large companies established over many years have unique challenges that smaller companies do not encounter and Travelers is no different. Come hear about our journey and discussion about the Agile and DevOps transformation that Travelers has undergone and plans for, it’s challenges, lessons learned and successes. Key Takeaways: Why the DevOps transformation is complex and long tailed, culture is everything and technology is an enabler. Hear about our lessons learned so you can potentially avoid the same mistakes. Even a large company with a lot of compliance and governance can make the agile and DevOps journey.



Kelley Hedley

Kelley has been at Travelers for 28 years working in many different roles. Her career spans the areas of application development, operations, infrastructure services, global sourcing, agile and now in