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After a very successful inaugural event in 2017, DevOpsDays Hartford will be back in 2018! It will be held October 16 & 17 at Infinity Hall in Hartford. We’re expecting around 200 attendees. Sponsoring DevOpsDays will connect your business to the people who influence security, engineering, monitoring, quality, and product development in our local technical and business communities. If you are interested in supporting the community and raising your company's profile by being a sponsor, we have listed sponsorship opportunities in the table below.

For question about sponsorship, please email the organizers at .

Sponsorship Packages

Packages Bronze Silver Gold Happy Hour Mug
Price (USD) $1000 $2500 $5000 $6000 $500
Tickets 1 2 4 4  
Logo on website X X X X  
Logo on email communications   X X X  
Logo on shared slide during breaks & on TVs X X      
Logo on dedicated slide     X X  
Logo on print banners   X X X  
Mention on social media X X X X  
Mention by MC during event     X    
Special announcement by MC before Happy Hour       X  
1 minute pitch to full audience   X X X  
Shared table for giveaways X X      
Dedicated table for giveaways     X X  
Table in High-Traffic Location     X X  
Full access to decorate bar area and host demos during Happy Hour       X  
1"x1" logo on mug given out to attendees         X
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If you require an invoice instead, please email us at .

Mug Sponsorship

In addition to t-shirts, attendees will receive diner-style mugs with their tickets for the conference. This special sponsorship allows community organizations and sponsors at any level to add their logo on a takeaway for participants for $500. The mug has only 8 available spots for logos, once filled we cannot accept more. Please note, logos will be printed as below, in a single color. For maximum diner feel, we’d love your cheesiest designs. Last year’s mug looked a bit like this:

How big is our booth space?

Gold and Happy Hour sponsors will receive a 6’ table and two chairs Silver/Bronze sponsors share a 6’ table and two chairs, that is, one chair for each Silver/Bronze sponsor.

Who should I send to staff our booth?

It is good to send sales and marketing people on staff, but make sure to send your techy geeks that can interact with attendees during sessions, Open Spaces and breaks. Sponsor personnel are encouraged to attend the sessions and participate in the group conversations and Open Spaces process are part of the community.

When can we pick our booth spot?

Our team will assign your table. Gold & Happy Hour sponsors will get preferential locations.

How many scanners (and which type) do we get?

None. The table is a place to talk to people during breaks. DevOpsDays Hartford is not a typical conference or convention. We have seen that sponsors benefit the most by bringing engineers to the conference and interacting with attendees. You are responsible to collect any information you want in person.

Can we do a giveaway on stage?

Absolutely. If you want to do a giveaway, you'll need to bring your own method of collecting information (business cards, entry slips, google form, etc.) for whatever drawing you want to use. At the closing session we'll give you a short time slot on stage for the giveaway.

What can we bring to the table?

Whatever you bring, must fit on or behind your table-space.

Will we have any chairs at our booth?

Each table comes with two chairs including shared tables. So for Bronze/Silver sponsors, you will have a single chair.

Will there be a company sign at our booth?

You must bring your own signage and table coverings (Shared tables will have a provided non-branded table linens) but as before, everything must fit on or behind your table.

Do we get any sponsored talks?

No, but you and your team are welcome to submit a proposal for a talk like everyone else.

Do we get electricity at our booth?

Yes, there are many outlets throughout the sponsor space and we will provide power-strips where necessary.

Will wifi connection be good enough for showing live demos?

Wifi will be provided for the conference, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the connection. If available, you may show demonstrations, but it's recommended to have a backup, non-internet plan.

Do we get an ad in the program? When do you need graphics?

When payment for your sponsorship is confirmed, we will need one logo graphic. This should be a vector or high-quality graphic as it will be used on all materials. This will be used for our website, on print materials and the rotating sponsor slides during the event.

Do we get a dedicated email blast?


What are the demographics of the attendees?

DevOpsDays Conferences typically attract technologists, engineers, and technology managers. These folks are attending to learn and share their experiences about the DevOps movement. They most appreciate sponsors who engage with them on that level.

For more questions on sponsorships, please email us at .