devopsdays Tel Aviv - Registration


Can I use my Day 2 ticket to go to day 1?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I register with Direct Transfer\Cheques and other alternate payment methods?

If you are registering a group of 10 or more people please email us.

Can I get a discount\freebie for my company? we are the market leader in field X\Y\Z

Unfortunately, no.

This conference is community run, by volunteers who do not get paid for their work.

We also give out free tickets to special populations (IDF members, SheCodes, etc)

We do this in order to create the conference we would want to attend.

This costs money, and we do not profit from this, so we cannot afford to give you a discount.

Can I only register for day 1?

Unfortunately, no. We price DevOps Days Tickets as 2-day tickets only.
Once we sell out, there may be 2nd day tickets available - but they will not be significantly cheaper.

Do you have a waiting list in case divine intervention creates more available tickets ?

YES. Occasionally, people might cancel in the last minute. For that, please sign up to the waiting list below: