Maish Saidel-Keesing

Maish Saidel-Keesing is a Cloud and DevOps Systems Architect for CyberArk in Israel and has been working in IT for the past 18 years and with a stronger focus on cloud and automation for the past 5.

He has extensive experience with Cloud technologies, DevOps and Agile practices and implementations, containers, Kubernetes, virtualization and, a long history with Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure, server hardware from all the major vendors and also likes to play around a lot with bash and Ansible.

He is constantly trying to bridge the gap between Developers and Operators to allow us all provide a better service to our customers (and not wake up from pages in the middle of the night). An avid practitioner of dissolving silos - educating Ops how to code and Devs what the hell is Operations.

Automation is the way things should be done - and he is constantly looking for ways to make life easier wherever he can.

His latest project is The Cloudwalkabout - a book about his journey through the world of AWS.

He has presented at multiple conferences, including VMworld, VMware VMUG’s OpenStack Summits, DevOpsDays on a various number of topics.

He holds several certifications including:

5x AWS Certified VCAP5-DCA VCAP5-DCD MCSE (Windows NT4, 2000 and 2003) MCP MCSA

He co-authored the VMware vSphere Design book the OpenStack Architecture Design Guide and participated in the Technical Review of a number of publications.

He was awarded the vExpert award from VMware during 2010-2017 for his contributions to the VMware community

Maish Saidel-Keesing