Crux Conception, M. Psych

Crux Conception’s /delivery will aid and support organizations at several levels, from the front-line staff to policymaking and management. Crux s shared experience of mental illness and successfully surviving an unfortunate incident will provide aspiration to the lower-level workforces, that hard work prevails.

Crux has more than two decades of teaching and instructing. His areas of experience include incorporating psychology in addition to hostage negotiation methods, to achieve higher levels of leadership, team and group effectiveness. This concept has proven sound and efficient in regards to producing advanced degrees of success in the areas of administration performance and consumer awareness.

Crux’s approach derives from his experience as an adjunct professor (psychology & group dynamics) and experience as an interrogator/profiler and hostage negotiator. His proficiency with said skills has allowed him to assemble a method, which will integrate your business, sales, and corporate sectors. Crux s research and practice will assist companies, organizations, and groups by merging psychology in consort with Active Listening Skills (ALS), which will result in an accelerated-advance technique, devised to build rapport as well as enhanced recruiting methods.

When speaking to a younger audience, Crux explicitly addresses our younger generation at community centers, churches, schools and at other venues. Aside from offering awareness and education, Crux will share with the audience an unfortunate incident, which happened to him (listed in the bio). His experience with said incident will display his passion for mental health advocacy and the desire to make a difference in someone s life.

As a School Resource Officer, Crux served the school community with fidelity. By establishing key relationships with staff, students, and parents, Crux was able to implement positive interventions for identified students. As a result, disproportionality in discipline data between African American students and Caucasian students were impacted, student attendance rates were affected, school climate underwent a shift toward a more favorable rating, and the safety and well-being of staff and students improved. Crux visited various classrooms to promote and educate students on positive, safe, and healthy living. However, it was the lack of specific programs to address school violence that led to Crux to his most significant work.

As a member of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Gang Unit, Crux is utilizing community-based research to develop a comprehensive preventative school violence program. In his dissertation, Crux examines data, training, strategies, and adequate procedures for creating and implementing an effective school violence program.

Crux Conception, M. Psych at Dallas 2019