A DevOps Adoption Roadmap: What’s Right for You

Lecture with Q&A discussion

The session aims to demonstrate the techniques used in the adoption of DevOps practices following a DevOps assessment as part of the formulation of a strategic roadmap towards DevOps practice adoption. The set of techniques employed in case studies of the insurance and public services sectors will be presented and focus on the following: Visualizing workflow and building effective collaboration means Involving operations teams in early stages of development Raising awareness of what is visible value to the customer Continuous improvement methods Stakeholders involved throughout the case studies concerned development, operations, service desk and project management teams. Findings will be presented along with real case-study deliverables of a visual card system (Kanban), tooling adoption drivers and value stream mapping.



Krikor Maroukian

Krikor is a Sr ITSM Consultant at Microsoft Hellas, the International Representative of itSMF Hellas and a researcher at Henley Business School, Reading, UK. In the past, he has also held the ...