devopsdays Indianapolis

July 24 - 26, 2019

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
350 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225
DevOpsDays is coming to Indianapolis!

Other Indianapolis Events

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019 - Friday, Jul 26, 2019

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Training Day

This year we are adding a half day of training on Wednesday, July 24th from 1 - 5pm that is included with your registration. Wednesday will only be for training. We will open the doors at 12:30pm and training will start at 1:00pm.

Kubernetes Training by IBM

Microservices revolutionized the way we look at app development and is now one of the most popular programming architectures. Now, Docker alongside Kubernetes is changing the way teams look at deployments of these microservices. Kubernetes provides powerful production-grade orchestration for your “Dockerized” microservices.

In this workshop, you’ll get an overview of Kubernetes, and what it provides for application development. You’ll then go through the process of building and deploying a microservice application on Kubernetes.

This is a hands-on-keyboard lab, everyone should come with a laptop and a desire to learn. Attendees can use minikube locally, or cloud accounts will be provided. We’ll cover:

  • Kubernetes basics
  • Building Container Images
  • Deploying the application with Kubernetes
  • Upgrading and scaling the application with Kubernetes
  • Debugging your application in Kubernetes

Please bring your laptop running a copy of Chrome or Firefox. We will be doing everything online and via a cloud shell.

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery with GoCD by ThoughtWorks

When GoCD was created about a decade ago it was the first server built specifically for continuous delivery. A lot has changed in that decade, both in the software we’re deploying and the types of pipelines needed to work with it.

In this Workshop, participants will use Helm to provision a new GoCD system on kubernetes, configure it to automatically stop and start build agents, and set it up to use pipeline configurations as code.

Once the server is provisioned, attendees will create pipelines which test and deploy software to a kubernetes cluster.

Requirements and prerequisites for this session will be updated approximately one month before the event. Bring your laptop.

After party, July 25th

Join us at Indiana City Brewing Company after the conference on July 25th at 6pm. We will have appetizers, beer and the famous Ignite Karaoke!

The address is 24 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.