Modern Solution Delivery: IT as Code

The next generation of IT solutions delivery starts with a cloud-first approach. Everything is being pushed toward programmatic delivery, a.k.a. “IT as Code”. This IT teams to know how to connect together APIs, build cloud native templates, use developer-focused tools, and adopt DevOps methodologies for delivering solutions to their stakeholders. Nirvana world would be to fill in the missing link: the ability to provide repeatable solution blueprints that can be adapted to their ongoing business requirements.

In this session you will learn how to build a solution blueprint cloud native templates, configuration management, API integrations and leveraging job management. We will have multiple solution software-defined blueprints to build that will have security products and service offering on AWS and Azure.

We will then discuss best practices for applying cloud security controls with every cloud service, automation task and API integration. We will map to compliance requirements using OpenSCAP.

To wrap up the session, we will go over the entire lifecycle of service delivery adding in to the blueprints, other products like ConnectWise Manage, Slack and other API integrations connect everything together to show own to intelligently deliver end-to-end solution blueprints and how to manage the configuration of the state of the environment over time.

This session will cover Infrastructure-as-Code, Configuration Management, API Integrations, and Job Management.

We will publish out a repo on our Github account for all participants at the event and setup a prebuilt environments with all tools required to demo.



Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser is currently Co-Founder / CEO / Chief Architect at Refactr, Inc, a firm he co-founded in 2017. At Refactr, he is building a disruptive cloud software company that believes that all MSPs ...