Recent years have exposed startups to a major plague - cloud overspend. No vaccine appears to exist, plethora of tools and consultants fail to stop the bleeding. And yet, some companies manage to stay safe. What makes them different? Is it the tools? Is it the mindset? Is it developer training? In this session we will examine the cultural factors involved in sound and responsible financial management in the cloud. We will also look at relevant system design elements and product design elements which enable us to spend wisely while our business runs smoothly. Following this session, you should be better versed in cost-aware system design and some of the cultural and structural requirements to keeping your cloud bill low.



Gil Bahat

A Gil, of all trades. I love a varied DevOps experience - from MLOps to FinOps to DevOps, from multimedia to healthcare to security. From source control to production monitoring. From large team interwork to a one-person show.