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The crew from @fsckdpod, Kat Cosgrove, Jay Gordon, and Austin Parker, bring you news and views on the week’s hottest topics at the intersection of tech and politics, with a healthy dose of commentary and jokes.



Kat Cosgrove


Kat Cosgrove is a Developer Advocate at JFrog, and an actual cyborg. Her professional background has run the gamut from bartender, to video store clerk, to teacher, to software developer. She credits


Jay Gordon

Jay Gordon is a Cloud Advocate with the Microsoft Azure Advocates. He and the rest of the Advocacy team are focused on helping Developers and Ops teams get the most out of their cloud experience with ...austin-parker

Austin Parker

Austin Parker has been solving - and creating - problems with computers and technology for most of his life. He is Principal Developer Advocate at LightStep and maintainer on the OpenTracing and ...