How to Produce Results that Matter

Teams succeed and flourish when people face the truth quickly about change, calendar, capability, capacity, or competition. Unfortunately, most people in most organizations don’t face the truth and take responsibility when things go wrong. The result is that they harm

  • their projects,
  • their teams, and, ultimately,
  • themselves.

Demonstrating personal responsibility is the first step in

  • Achieving success,
  • Leading anybody,
  • Changing anything,
  • Solving any problem, and
  • Managing every relationship.

Everybody knows that! Then why doesn’t everybody do it?

This keynote will show you how to demonstrate responsibility and self-leadership by taking control of your mind.



Christopher Avery, Ph.D.

Christopher Avery is among the most published, outspoken, and quoted authorities on personal and shared responsibility at work.

The author of two 5-star books and hundreds of articles and