Phenomenal Value: Function vs Security

Features current and ongoing research, based on interviews in investigating the lived experience behind why people make value decisions for functionality versus security in DevOps. Builds on the theory advanced by Heidegger of technology being ordered by humans and then in turn, structing process.

The talk will be based on elements from ongoing doctoral research in how individuals make decisions about function versus security in the value process. The research uses a three-staged interview process to identify ideals each person holds, and how those initial ideas contribute to later decisions about value. This builds on Heidegger’s seminal theories and other research about how language and lived experience structure an individual’s work. Agile, and DevOps, focus on individuals over process but each individual approaches events with a basic framework structured by their past experience that shapes the process. Understanding how different experiences contribute to the overall process will provide a more detailed understanding how choices are made through the value stream in decisions between functionality and security. Attendees should expect to leave with a better decision of not only what decisions are made but how individuals reach those conclusions.



Mark Peters

Dr. Mark Peters works for BrainGu as Project Manager on a DoD cyber programs in San Antonio, TX. A DevOps junkie, much of his time is spent integrating teams and automating out of repetition. A ...