Agile and Sustainable: A Pragmatic Approach to Sustainable Tech

In this talk, we’re going to explore why sustainability matters to IT, and why you should care about it too.

We’ll dive into what sustainability is and how it impacts the world of IT. We’ll also take a look at the proposed SEC regulations that could change the way companies view sustainability in the form of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) categories.

Whether you’re a developer, a manager, a DevOps guru, an analyst, or any other IT professional, you have a role to play in making IT practices more sustainable. And don’t worry - we’ll give you practical tips and examples of how to do just that.

By taking a pragmatic approach to IT practices, you can help reduce operating costs, avoid regulatory headaches, and make a positive impact on the environment.



Matt Williams

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Matt Williams always wanted to be a Renaissance Person. Maybe one day he will be. In the meantime, he does photography, designs tabletop games, reads, cooks, weaves,