Can Platform Abstractions Reduce Kubernetes Complexity For Developers?

Platform engineering and platform abstractions to help manage the ever-increasing complexity of Kubernetes are gaining momentum. Do these abstractions help shield developers from complexity while reducing the burden on platform teams? What is the right level of abstraction? What are the downsides of having such abstractions? Who should own these abstractions? What are some of the key considerations when building such an abstraction?

This talk explores these key questions through the lens of our observations & lessons learned while helping various organizations of different sizes & different developer cultures move their applications onto Kubernetes, discussions with organizations that have built successful platform engineering solutions as well as our own 4-year journey of our engineering team building internal-developer-platforms for Kubernetes.

Notes and comments

I have spoken at DevOpsLive Singapore 2023, Red Hat Summit 2021 & 2017 in the recent past.

Workshops conducted this year - AWS & Red Hat joint event - AWS ROSA Roadshow - External Secrets Operator + Hashicorp Vault - HashiCorp Meetup group Toronto

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Rajith Attupattu

CTO & Founder @ Randoli

Rajith is the founder & CTO for Randoli, with the mission to build the best internal developer platform for kubernetes to empower & enable developers, operators