Infrastructure From Code: Next up for DevOps?

Serverless was, and continues to be, the promise of making DevOps folks spend more time on application logic rather than Infrastructure as Code. Let’s be honest, things didn’t quite turn out that way. The fragmentation of the cloud resources resulted in a steep learning curve and made it difficult to achieve developer productivity. “Infrastructure FROM Code” is the next logical step in cloud evolution. Infrastructure from code is a novel, configuration-free technique that automatically deploys, configures, and optimizes infrastructure to meet your workloads by interpreting application code. Let’s take a look at these tools and see how they can help us build applications faster.



Emrah Samdan

Emrah is the AWS Serverless Hero, obsessed with developer experience and observability. He’s the co-founder and Head of Product at Ampt, where he can live up to his obsessions. He is a ...