Yoan Thirion

Who Are You - Why we have to choose you:Agile Technical Coach at Pyxis Suisse, Software crafter #teamPlayer

I am a technical agile coach / software craftsperson with 15 years of experience in software development and work for a company called Pyxis Suisse.

My different experiences in startups, small software companies, or in the service industry led me to code on a wide range of platforms/technologies and languages: mobile app development on the ancestors of our “smartphones” (J2ME, RIM, Windows Mobile, …), .NET stack (C#, F#, C++), PHP, Java stack (Java, Kotlin, Scala), SPA (Angular mainly).

I started coaching about five years ago when I realized that I liked helping other developers and learning every day. I am an enthusiast who is always eager to learn and share with others (#sharingiscaring).

Yoan Thirion at geneva 2024