devopsdays Halifax - Propose

The CfP for DevOpsDays Halifax 2024 is now OPEN!

Visit this website to submit your talk.

Important: The CfP closes on 2024-03-31 23:59 (America/Halifax time).

We’re looking for speakers for the first DevOpsDays Conference in Halifax. Want to present your thoughts, ideas, and strategies around DevOps to your peers from Atlantic Canada? Submit your talk proposal here for review by the DevOpsDays Halifax organizing committee.

This is a single track event, with 30 minute slots. We’re expecting between 150-200 attendees at the conference.

Some topic ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Automation: Infrastructure as code (IaC), CI/CD pipelines, configuration management, containerization, and orchestration.
  • Cloud Native: Building and deploying applications for the cloud, microservices architecture, serverless computing, and cloud-native security.
  • Security: DevSecOps, vulnerability management, secrets management, and compliance.
  • Monitoring and Observability: Metrics, logging, tracing, and alerting for performance and incident response.
  • Testing: Continuous testing, automated testing frameworks, and chaos engineering.
  • Collaboration: Communication, teamwork, and cultural change between development and operations teams.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Applications in DevOps, automation, and anomaly detection.
  • Edge computing: Building and deploying applications at the edge of the network.
  • Serverless computing: Building applications without managing infrastructure.
  • Quantum computing: Potential applications for DevOps and IT.
  • Open source tools and technologies: Latest advancements and best practices.

You can find more information about the conference, including our code of conduct, here.

First-time speaking? Come on board! We’re navigating this journey for the first time too!

Do you require funding for travel or accommodation? Please send an email to [[email protected] ] with some details. We have a limited budget for speaker travel and accommodation assistance, and we’ll allocate this based on need and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All submissions will be reviewed blindly, meaning that the program committee is unable to see the submitter’s personal details. Only the title of the talk and the describing abstract will be visible to the reviewers in order to reduce unconscious bias. After all talks are rated, we will inform you about the status of your submission. Talks can either be accepted, rejected or waitlisted. In case your talk is waitlisted, we will message you if a speaking slot opens up before the conference.How to submit a proposal: Visit this website to submit your talk.

If you have any question regarding the CfP, you can send an email to [[email protected] ].