Beyond Platform Engineering: Engineering the Past, Hacking the Present, Transforming the Future

In the dynamic realm of technology, moving from DevOps to SRE to Platform Engineering signifies an ongoing evolution in how we deliver software. We can project the future of Platform Engineering based on the history of the practice, and then predict the impact of current methodologies and frameworks on short and long-term solutions. But why bother?

The evolution of technology and accompanying methodologies is normal. It’s natural to wonder where it’s all going next, so that individuals and companies alike can plan accordingly.

This talk envisions what comes after Platform Engineering, by drawing from the past. It will answer the following questions:

  • What will this new discipline look like?
  • What will be leveraged from DevOps, SRE, and Platform Engineering?
  • What will the role of MLOps, DataOps and Observability Engineering be in the future of this new discipline?
  • What key skills will the new teams be focused on, and how can we prepare them?

Join Adriana and Renata as they provide a vision of what lies beyond Platform Engineering, in this exciting journey of innovation.



Adriana Villela


Sr. Staff Developer Advocate at Lightstep (from ServiceNow)

Adriana Villela is a Sr. Staff Developer Advocate, helping companies achieve reliability greatness through Observability, SRE, & DevOps


Renata Rocha


Principal of Platform Engineering at Slalom Build

I was a sysadmin last century and I’ve been working in Cloud Engineering for 15 years. I’m here to automate all the things and share my hot takes.