Building Trust, One Conversation at a Time


Room: “Seminar” / 1st floor

Abstract: Building on the success of last year’s conference opening by former Googler and Psychological Safety consultant Laurence Kozera, and engineer-turned-leadership coach Arjanna van der Plas, this talk/workshop will explore the crucial role of fostering open conversations within the DevOps culture.

How likely are you and your colleagues to say the following things during a meeting?

“Feel free to challenge my thinking.” “Your input is valued.” “Can we explore different perspectives?”

It’s safe to say that these phrases are too rarely heard in the workplace. And yet, seemingly simple sentences like this can make or break the effectiveness of your team. Indeed, research shows that team success relies on trust, not just the manager’s efforts, and High-performing teams establish peer-to-peer trust intentionally.

Building on the latest research and richly illustrated with real-life examples, Laurence and Arjanna will delve into how creating an environment where all voices are heard and valued is essential for success, emphasizing the importance of active listening as a key tool in nurturing inclusive workplaces.

Join us for a hands-on session and discover how these principles can transform your DevOps team and drive positive change!

Prerequisites for this workshop: No prerequisites, the workshop is most helpful for people who work in a team setting.

Number of participants: 20 participants max



Laurence Kozera


Psychological Safety Expert

Laurence Kozera, Founder & Partner of Open Conversation, aids leaders and teams in enhancing their Psychological Safety levels.

With a strong commitment to inclusion,


Arjanna Van Der Plas


Leadership coach

Arjanna van der Plas is a formerly Silicon Valley-based leadership coach with a background in strategic product design.

In the past 10 years, she’s helped many leaders and teams