Laurence Kozera

Psychological Safety Expert

Laurence Kozera, Founder & Partner of Open Conversation, aids leaders and teams in enhancing their Psychological Safety levels.

With a strong commitment to inclusion, well-being, and retention, Laurence collaborates with organizations seeking to improve their culture. She serves as a senior trainer and consultant with BWI ( and Advance (, leveraging her expertise to create healthier and more inclusive workplaces.

With over a decade at Google as a bridge between engineers and complex partner ecosystems, Laurence brings a wealth of experience to understand and navigate diverse stakeholders.

Laurence’s core values include authenticity, sincerity, and impactful collaboration, driven by her passion for cross-cultural understanding. Holding a Master’s degree in Intercultural Management and certification in Psychological Safety by The Fearless Organization, she helps organizations unlock untapped talent and ideas by building supportive structures.

You can learn more at or on Linkedin.

Laurence Kozera at Zurich (Winterthur) 2024