Breaking the Boundaries

Nowadays is common to have discussions on how a software can be developed and deployed in a shorter amount of time and with better quality. Unfortunately, it is also common to have at least three separate teams to accomplish that, a dev team, a QA team and an OPS team. This is not agile and it is common that the QA team is either testing or automating an artifact that it is already developed or even deployed to production. It is also common the need to open a ticket for the OPS team to deploy the application.

The approach that the teams should be taking is to have one single team with everyone necessary inside that team: dev, QAs, BAs, PO, UXs, IMs. Also 1 person of each role is involved in reviewing written stories, specially their Acceptance Criteria. This way the story is moved to Ready to Play with various input from different people and therefore the chances of that story to be done incorrect or missing pieces are very low.

In this talk, we will discuss how by involving everyone in the team in the whole development process and by using tests and a proper continuous delivery pipeline we are able to break those boundaries, improving the delivery pace and the quality of what is being built.




Rafael Pereira de Lima

Rafael is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks, where he works as a quality advocate, making sure that quality is present in all areas of the project, from stories conception and creation all the way to ...