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Revisitando o DevOpsDays Brasília 2017

DevOpsDays Brasília 2017 aconteceu em 07 e 08 de novembro de 2017.

Auckland 2017 in review

DevOpsDays Auckland 2017 was held on October 3rd and 4th.

Seattle 2017 in review

DevOpsDays Seattle 2017 was held on April 26th and 27th. Around 400 participants saw a mix of internationally known and local speaker talking about their challenges and successes.

Kansas City 2016 in review

On October 20th and 21st, 2016, 208 software practioners met in a packed house in Kansas City Missouri at Musical Theater Heritage to discuss DevOps at DevOpsDays KC

Chicago 2016 in review

DevOpsDays Chicago took place on August 30th & 31st at Summit West in beautiful downtown Chicago. A sold-out, diverse crowd gathered for keynotes, presentations, lightning talks, and open spaces to learn, discuss, and promote all things DevOps.

Minneapolis 2016 in review

The third devopsdays Minneapolis, held July 20-21 2016 at the Hilton Minneapolis, was a balancing act between explosive growth and continuing what worked from 2014 and 2015. We’re delighted to let you know that the survey results seem to indicate that participants liked it! We had about 700 people attend the event. (For comparison, 2015 had about 350 and 2014 had about 250.) 133 people filled out the post-event survey.

Hockey Stick Growth

The explosion of devopsdays events in recent years is exciting for everyone in the community. Some of us have been in this space since before the first event in Ghent, while others are joining with the newest events coming online in 2015. In the last year we’ve added new global core organizers, seen the originator of devopsdays (Patrick Debois) move into an advisory role, and been thrilled by rapid expansion in the numbers and locations of events.

DevOpsDays Barcelona 2013

The first DevOpsDays Barcelona is scheduled for October 10th and 11th of 2013, registration is currently open, and of course we already made the call for papers available for all of you, who want to participate not only as a atendee on the event. If you register for the event before September 2nd, using the coupon WELOVEDEVOPS you will get a 15% discount on your tickets, so what are you waiting for?

DevOpsDays Paris 2013

The first DevOpsDays Paris is scheduled for 18-19 April 2013, and while this blog post is a little late to the game, it’s not yet too late for you to participate either as an attendee or a speaker. For those interested in attending, we’re offering a 25% discount on tickets through the end of this week (17 March 2013) - just use the “WELOVEDEVOPS” code and you’re all set. If you’re more interested in speaking, the Call for Proposals is still open until 20 March 2013, so don’t hesitate - submit your proposal today!

DevOpsDays 2012 - Rome Final Speakerslist

In case you hadn’t noticed yet .. Devopsdays Rome is on again .. And here’s the list of speakers You can't change culture, but you can influence behavior and behavior becomes culture. - Damon Edwards Failure is the new Success - Peter Halacsy The State of Open Source Monitoring: The good, the bad, the fucking terrible, and a glimpse into our future. - Jason Dixon Monitoring - Bryan Berry Metrics Driven Develpment - Mantas Klasavicius DevOps - One small step for business-IT alignment, one giant leap for infrastructure culture - Mark Burgess How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the PaaS - Colin Humphreys Beyond Continuous Delivery - Chris Hilton There are still some hours left to get your ticket at the Early Bird rate
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