Using TDD for Infrastructure As Code -- confidence when moving to the cloud

We believe that in today’s fast moving world, it’s more important than ever that infrastructure and software changes are repeatable and can be done with confidence. To support a scalable platform for applications, teams must be able to make changes quickly and reliably. This isn’t limited to applications, but potentially even more important for infrastructure changes that historically have had a less formal testing process. To ensure this, teams must both keep their code and infrastructure definitions in source control, use a pipeline for deployment, and have tests to validate their changes. We will walk participants through the basics of version control for infrastructure changes, using a variety of options, and show how these changes can be pushed through a pipeline that includes testing.



Alina Murphy

Alina Murphy is a quality engineer consultant at ThoughtWorks Inc. She has worked on a range of projects including DevOps and analytics and her current project involving feature delivery for a major online retailer.pat-dale

Pat Dale

Pat is a developer at ThoughtWorks with a passion for finding the intersection between infrastructure and application development. His current project focuses on reducing deployment friction for a major retail client.