The Roadmap to Becoming a DevOps Professional

3 years ago Docker was not a must-know technology for DevOps professionals. In just one year, Docker became a technology that every DevOps professional should have in his CV. How to become a DevOps professional ? My response to this question in 2017 will not be the same in 2018.

So how DevOps ecosystem involved during the last 5 years ? What is the roadmap to becoming a DevOps professional in 2017 and what are the changes that 2018 will bring to the DevOps ecosystem ?

This talk is inspired by a serie of articles that I published in my blog that got more than 35k reads in less than 6 months.

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Aymen El Amri


He is an entrepreneur, engineer & DevOps enthusiast. He worked as a web developer, ops engineer, IT Architect then a CTO before founding eralabs, a DevOps & Cloud consulting company helping