Continuous Delivery with Gitlab, Apache Mesos and Marathon

In the last few years software companies have been forced to shrink their development cycles. At Datys we start adopting agile practices in Development. Continuous integration allowed the development team to remove delays due to integration problems. But Operations were left behind… Adopting containers and automating our deployment process using open source technologies, allowed us to release applications and services multiple times a day. In this presentation we share our experiences in this journey. We will show how we set up Continuous Delivery pipelines with Gitlab, Apache Mesos and Marathon. We hope that the real-world story of a small company overcoming the challenges we faced can help others to continue in their DevOps journey.



Juan Carlos Gómez Correa

Graduado de Ingeniería Informática en 2008. Ha trabajado como programador (Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Java, C++) y desde 2013 en Operaciones IT en DATYS.