How to Sell DevOps in Under an Hour

You’ve entered a new customer’s conference room, the introductions are complete, and you have the remainder of an hour to change their traditions: how would you explain and sell DevOps to non-technical management, engineering, and IT? For the past three years, I’ve travelled to small and large businesses around the world to explain how DevOps can continually impact any organization and I’ve evolved to speak the language of business and demonstrate positive business outcomes.

With two simple definitions of agility and scalability (better known to our community as “DevOps” and “Pets versus Cattle,” respectively), you can explain and diagram the stages of a DevOps journey to any organization. Once the journey has been mapped out, it can be deconstructed over parallel dimensions of cultural, architectural, operational, and infrastructure progression to illustrate how any organization can achieve DevOps Maturity. I’ll show early work on how we’re building with our customers cost metric models to determine DevOps total cost of ownership.


Mark Lavi

Mark is a DevOps professional with pioneering work on the world’s largest and earliest media and web sites as one of the web masters for Netscape,, and as well as Netscape’s ...